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Hey, Hey, Hey.... Beautiful People!! I am Sharese (but most know me as Reecy or ReallyReecy). I am a singer, songwriter, and an actress...I'm an artist...a Creative… and a weirdo. I am exactly who I am, and I love who I am.  

I created this brand because I know that there are people out there just like me who are creative and passionate. Passionate about what they believe in, and passionate about using their voice (and actions) to make change. 

I created this brand to encourage people to AUTHENTICALLY be themselves. Our motto at 7Stone Creative is, “Rock Your You!”… which simply means be authentically you, always

Being me means I celebrate love and creativity, music and life. I speak against injustice…and I embrace my “weirdo-isms.” 

So beautiful people, Rock YOUR You!

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Meet the Team

The dream needs a team, so here is my Dream Team. These are the Dope Chicks that help 7Stone move forward. Each member of the team plays an important part to this process.

Designer | Product Copywriter

Hey, y’all, I’m Manon, and am so excited to be on this journey with my sis, Reecy! I, too, am a Creative. I love all things behind-the-scenes working together to make a seamless production. I love finding the story and bringing it to people. Whether through a script and video, writing for publication, or taking a photo, there are stories to be told…everywhere…even in the fashions and accessories that decorate our days. 

Fashion (what we wear and what we use to decorate our spaces) should be fun and uplifting, and an extension of who we are. I believe these designs at 7Stone Creative are next-level and will add some fun and positivity to your wardrobe…plus, we’re branching out into other areas that accessorize life. So enjoy the sampling, and stay tuned!

Fav Quote: “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.” - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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My Mommy

Hello, I’m Mama Jean, and Reecy is my baby girl. Therefore, I am her number one supporter and fan. My role with 7Stone Creative is to help wherever, whenever, and however I can. Sometimes I help with a kind word… and sometimes with a stern fuss to make sure she isn’t slipping, (you know, things that mothers do). She says she’s the Dope Chick in charge… so, I guess you can call me the Dope Mom in charge! My girls worked hard and I’m so proud!

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